PPC stands for Planed Programme Components. This is the list of elements a skater intends to perform in competition.
For any competition you enter in grades above Skate School, you will be asked to provide your PPC, generally online via the NZIFSA website where you will have your own login area.
How to do this...

Go to the NZIFSA website  www.nzifsa.org.nz
and click on Members Area in the left hand column (or Click Here)
Once on the Members Area page you will find a login button.
If you already have a login you will be invited to enter your user name (which will be your full email address) and your password.
If you do not have an account, click Create an Account. Once you have filled in all your details and clicked the Create Account button you will need to wait for your password to be sent to your email address. If this doesn’t happen within a day or two then contact your club secretary for assistance.
Once you have your password and you have logged in, you will be looking at your own personal skater’s details page. On this page select (right hand side box) “change my PPCs”
You will find a list with drop down boxes where you can enter your grade, music details, name of your coach and list of planned elements in the order you will perform them in your programme. There is also a downloadable PDF on the site with further instructions on how to use this page including codes for skating elements
Its important that you do this as clubs, regional and national competitions are now requiring that PPC’s must be entered and importantly, verified as up-to-date before entries will be accepted.