Glenburn Figure Skating Club

Glenburn Figure Skating Club

From tiny tots to the not so young, both competitive and social, complete beginners to national champions; we aim to help you with your journey though the intricacies of figure skating.

Skate Sharpening Service

**Please note: Service not available between 1st April and 8th May 2024**

Need to get your figure skates sharpened but not sure who and where to get this done? 

Introducing you to Keith Darvill, who many of you will know from the music box at competitions!  

Using the Incredible Edger skate sharpening machine from Specialist Skating Limited, your blades will be sharpened exactly how you like them.

Phone or text Keith to arrange a time that works in with you to get your blades sharpened, often while you wait.

Call Keith on 021 023 83384

Some interesting points about blade sharpening...

1. Importance of sharpening your skates:

Sharpening your skates is crucial for optimal performance on the ice. Dull blades can cause slips, falls, and even injuries. Regular sharpening can also extend the life of your skates.

2. How often to sharpen your skates:

How often you should sharpen your skates depends on how often you use them. For recreational skaters, sharpening once or twice a year is usually sufficient. However, for competitive skaters or those who skate frequently, sharpening every 20-30 hours of use is recommended.

3. Where to get your skates sharpened:

You can get your skates sharpened at most ice rinks or sporting goods stores. It's important to choose a reputable and experienced sharpener to ensure that your skates are properly sharpened.

4. How to maintain your skates:

In addition to regular sharpening, there are other ways to maintain your skates. Wiping down the blades after each use, storing them in a dry place, and avoiding walking on hard surfaces with your skates can all help prolong their lifespan.